• Special Incentives and Fun!

    PRACTICE NOTES – Bring 1 hour dance practice notes back to class with a parent signature. Students will be rewarded weekly with a gummy worm. Practicing reinforces the principles and techniques taught in dance class

    STICKER DAY AND BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION DAY – We send a birthday card the month of your birthday (1/2 birthday for students with summer birthdays).  You may bring it in to redeem your birthday gift (You can keep your card). If you would like to bring a birthday treat to share you may. Sticker day is the first lesson of the month.  Students answer questions and receive their sticker.

    TREE ORNAMENT – Be looking for your music or dance related Christmas ornament at various stores (or you can make one) to hang on the studio tree.  It has been a fun tradition for the studio.  Collecting them and these will bring many happy memories of dance.

    PERFECT ATTENDANCE- Students who do not miss a single dance lesson will be rewarded at the end of the year with a Perfect Attendance certificate.  The studio feels this reward teaches children commitment to their goals and commitment to the students and teacher.

    PERFORMANCE DAY/Parent Observation Week – Every last lesson of the month.  Girls may wear their ballet skirts.  Parents stay and watch on this day ONLY. 

    PARTIES – Three times a year we like to give the children a party for all their hard work.  This helps keep them motivated and eager to learn.  At Christmas we exchange a $3.00 gift, play game, decorate cookies.  For Valentine’s Day they exchange Valentines the last 15 min of class.  Then at the end of the year we have a Hawaiian luau beach party where they can invite a friend.

    PRAYER POEM – We begin and end our dance class with a studio dance prayer poem.  Younger children especially like routine and tradition.  It is a fun Christian based poem based on thankfulness, guidance, and blessings.  

                      Begin: Help our teachers, Help our class, Thank you Lord and let us dance!

                        End: Bless our teachers, Bless our Class, Bless you Lord And guide our paths!