• Dress Code

    CREATIVE DANCE – Pink leotard, convertible tights, dance skirt (opt) and dance bag.

    CREATIVE DANCE WITH TAP – Same as creative dance, along with black approved tap shoes.

    PRE-BALLET AND TAP – Light blue leotard, pink footed or convertible tights, pink approved ballet shoes, approved black tap shoes, dance bag, and dance skirt (opt).

    CLASSICAL BALLET – Black leotard, convertible pink tights, pink approved ballet shoes, dance skirt (opt.), and dance bag.

    POINTE – Same as Classical Ballet, pointe shoes, and accessories.

    CHARACTER BALLET – Same as Classical Ballet, a black or white character skirt, and tan character shoes.

    TAP – Solid color leotard, black jazz pants, shorts, or skirt, tan convertible tights, and approved black tap shoes.

    MODERN/JAZZ/HIP-HOP – Solid color leotard, black jazz pants, shorts, or skirt, tan convertible tights, & black approved jazz shoes. Other shoes may be required through the dance year (foot undies, hip-hop shoe, etc)

    Label ALL your dance shoes.  NO NAME = NO SHOES.

    DRESS – Wear tights without underwear under leotards, no jewelry, stud earrings are ok.

    BOYS - Black ballet & tap shoes. Fitted Black shorts and a tight white T-shirt, white thin socks. Boys older (7th grade and up) need a dance belt and possible boys black spandex leggings.

    TAP SHOES - Nail head tap shoes or taps with bow ties are not allowed.  Taps must have screws and straps (mary jane style) or laces(jazz style).

    BALLET SHOES -  Leather must be pliable.  Off brands are not allowed due to style and quality.

    LEOTARDS - No long sleeves. All brands are fine.  Keep in mind cheaper brands fall apart after a few washes.

    TIGHTS - No nylons or footed tights allowed (convertible only). All brands are fine except, when performing, you must purchase  your tights through Christina’s Dancewear due to the style and color variations.

    HAIR - 7-younger-Can be in any style as long as it doesn't have any loose hair that moves when they dance and it is tight against their head. If your hair is not pulled back you will be asked to purchase a hair tie from the reception desk for .25 cents.  

    Ballet IV and up - A bun is expected and required for Beg. Ballet IV levels and up.  If you have short hair you must clip it back out of your face and spray it so it won't bounce around.

  • Christina's Dancewear

    For your convenience and savings, Christina’s Dancewear, located at JMBS, provides its students quality dance supplies at discount prices. We size, order and fit dancers and you won't be charged a shipping fee. You may pay with check, cash or credit card.  A proper fitting is important.  Toes should not be bent at all while standing with full weight on the floor.  There should be no space between the end of the big toe and the end of the shoe when the dancer lifts the heel off the floor.  Ballet shoes should not be bought a little big  so as to grow into them.  They must fit properly from the first day and you may need purchase another pair as the child's foot grows.