• JMBS Dance Standards

    The J.M.B.S. MISSION STATEMENT (see on About Us page)  applies to JMBS students, parents as well as JMBS staff and teachers. The JMBS studio Mission statement is a standard of excellence in dance training education.  When teachers, staff, students and parents apply the Mission Statement, working together  toward a common goal, we can achieve  the goals of JMBS.

    JMBS Students and Parents follow the school mission by:

    1.  Being positive to classmates and teachers, showing kindness and encouraging others to achieve their goals.

    2.  Apply & listen to teacher’s feedback, corrections & praises. They care and want to improve their dance technique.

    3.  Enjoy dancing and appreciate the art of dance bringing a positive attitude to learn.

    4.  See their progress and build confidence in achieving and making new dance goals.

    5.  Are disciplined to come early to warm-up, enter dance class on time, rarely miss (and call in when absent), wear required dance attire and follow hair requirements.

    6.  They respect the dance school and conduct rules, follow safety rules of parking ,pick up and paying fees on time.

    7.  They respect others time, don’t talk during dance and ask questions that help everyone.

    8.  Fully engage their mind and body when in dance class to do their best.  They are physically ready to dance by having proper sleep, food and nourishment. 

    9.  They respect the schools professional placement for dance roles and dance class placement.  They understand that they are in the best place for their personal growth.

    10. Students realize you work for what you want in life, doing whatever it takes to achieve their dreams and goals.

  • Student Conduct Rules


    Silence in the classroom is expected unless called upon by the teacher. The purpose for taking dance is to learn how to dance and perform. 

    No gum, candy, or drinks in the dance floors

    Please put your sucker wrapper in the garbage. We do allow food/snacks ONLY for students who are at the studio longer than 3 hours. Students are required to eat in the kitchenette area only and to clean up after themselves putting trash in the garbage. Pop and juice are no longer allowed. Water only.

    Dance Class Rules 

    1. Keeping their hands to themselves, watching while others take their turn, and being prepared for their turn. 

    2. Students need to ask before leaving the dance floor. Students need to use the restroom before class begins.

    3. Stand up straight.  Do not sit down in class or lean on barres. 

    4.  Raise hand when you want to speak.

    5.  No touching or running into mirrors.


    Attendance on a regular basis is necessary for students' progress. Students who have excessive absences will be asked to withdraw (see absences allowed below). Students arriving late excessively will also be asked to withdraw. Students performing in theater, choir, orchestra, etc. must have absences approved, before hand, by Ms. Julie in a meeting with the dancer and their parent.  


    3 excused absences (not calling in is considered unexcused) per semester Sept.-Dec. and Jan. – May (use only if needed). The student or parent must call the studio to excuse an absences of any kind. All rehearsals and performances are mandatory and everyone must attend. Make-ups are not allowed. No scheduled absences allowed March -May.


    JMBS gives time off during Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, and Easter Weekend, so please plan your vacations during this time (See Dance School Calendar given in September). 


    Dancers who had more than 3 Nutcracker absences in 2016 and over 5 absences in their regular dance class will be unable to register for Nutcracker in 2017. Younger students who dropped Nutcracker tech in January will no longer be eligible to register for Nutcracker 2017. You will be eligible again Nutcracker 2018.


     Injured dancers must still attend class and watch. Dancers sitting out more than 2 weeks, must have a doctors slip.  Long-term injuries, regardless of the reason, may affect a dancers ability to perform and advance in placement. If you can't dance you can't keep up with the class and will be asked to move to a different class or withdraw. Excessive sitting out or illness will also affect a dancers ability to keep up with the class.

    Perfect Attendance: Students receiving 100% perfect attendance all year will be awarded a perfect attendance recognition Certificate and a $10.00 coupon to purchase dancewear from the school dance shop (Christina's Dancewear).           


    J.M.B.S. cannot accomplish higher standards with students showing up late!  It is very distracting for teachers and  students when other students arrive tardy to class. Car-pools need to leave early enough to pick up all students and still arrive on time. Late students are subject to injuries and are missing valuable exercises to achieve mastery in center. After 1 tardy warning, students arriving late will be asked to sit out and watch. If you are going to be late call the studio (786-1254) to let your teacher know.

    ARRIVAL TIME: Beg. I and up dance students: PLEASE arrive 10-15 min. before class begins to Stretch. Stretching before class is also important to prevent injuries.

    Transportation: DROP OFF and PICK-UP:

    We do not allow dropping off students in front of the studio door. For the Safety of all students, parents of children 10 and younger, MUST come into the studio to drop-off and pick- up their child. Please bring your dancer 10 minutes early and pick up 10 minutes after class ends (this does not apply to the creative dance classes. It is best for dancers that young to be dropped off and picked up right on time).  Please pick up your child promptly after dance class. Parents of students 11 and up need not come in, but dropping off or picking students up in front is also not allowed. Absolutely no honking your horn for students to come out.