• The JMBS Philosophy and Mission

    1.  JMBS teaches dance using an Arts Education standards and curriculum. At JMBS we identify and demonstrate movement elements & skills and using correct terminology. We teach choreography principles as students use dance as a way to create and communicate meaning. Critical and creative thinking skills are developed by involving students in problem solving during dance class. Students learn about various cultures, music, and historical periods and make connections between dance, other disciplines, healthy living, and how the body moves.

    2.  Our focus is on artistry, performing, and technique where students take ownership, make goals, and develop a joy of dance.  Students work together as a team, and are taught to encourage each other and be happy for others in their dance goals. Students find and believe in their own unique creative expression. True self worth, and a positive image is the outcome.

    3.  JMBS teachers are mature and have many years of experience and training and continue their training and teaching skills each year. All teachers also enjoy teaching, enjoy working with children and have a love and passion for dance and the arts.

    4.  JMBS costuming, music and dance choreography is in good taste. Girls are taught to accept their bodies and are not taught inappropriate dance movement. Boys are taught that dance is for boys and girls alike and dance is just as valuable as playing sports.

    5. JMBS is a place where students feel accepted. Where teachers know them and care about them. A place where friendships are made, where they feel accepted by their peers.

    6.  Students develop: discipline, commitment, team work, sacrifice, never giving up, critical thinking, and problem solving. Student teachers are also mentored as they inspire younger children. Ms. Julie believes in the power of dance to transform and build lives and hopes the lessons learned at dance will help them be an awesome, responsible, giving adult.

    7.  Inspiring dancers with a personal touch is our motto. Ms. Julie believes that if you believe in students and set goals and standards high, students will rise to the occasion. Together (teachers-staff--students-parents) we can accomplish the goals of the JMBS mission.

    This is what JMBS believes in, .... and the way we teach dance.